Saturday, March 24, 2018

♥♥♥ EVENTS FOR APRIL 2018! ♥♥♥

Toronto QUEER Slowdance - Fresh 90's Edition! - APRIL 7, 2018

❤❤❤ You are cordially invited to Toronto's QUEER SLOWDANCE! - FRESH 90's Edition! ❤❤❤

With a lending library of designated dancers for all you wallflowers, and a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance (should you choose to), Toronto Queer Slowdance has all slow songs, all night long! (Except for the occasional intermission when we play the fastest songs we can find!)

It's high school with a happy ending. Come and experience why slow is beautiful, and why love is not ironic.

PS. Fabulous and inspired attire, while desired, is not required. But it would be AWESOME and HAWT. As this is our Fresh 90's edition, you are encouraged to dress to impress in plaid shirts, garish neon, sideways hats and inappropr
iate overalls!

Finally, you do not have to be queer to attend this party, but you must have an open mind, an open heart, and have open arms. Do keep in mind that many of our attendees fall within the LGBTTQIA continuum and may or may not be interested in dancing with the 'opposite' sex, so if you are stridently straight, this may not be the most receptive community for you.

Because our theme for this edition is The Fresh 90's, 90% o the songs played that night will BE from the 90s!


The Dovercourt house
805 Dovercourt Rd. (1 block North of Bloor, 3 blks. west of Ossington)
Main floor ballroom.
Saturday, April 7th, 2018
Doors at 9:30, Dance promptly from 10 PM - 3 AM.
$10 admission includes your Dancecard-booklet!

Regretfully, the Dovercourt House is not wheelchair-accessible.


We are always looking for designated dancers for our evenings. If you are outgoing, warm, and willing to undertake the very serious duty and responsibility of inviting wallflowers out onto the dancefloor - if in fact, such a prospect gives you great joy - then please contact the organizers at

The Naughty Bits Book Club - Montreal Edition - April 28, 2018


The NAUGHTY BITS BOOK CLUB is a reading event that hopes to re-create that early, furtive feeling of first reading something illicit. When you were too young to have actually done anything, but were VERY INTERESTED in certain sexy passages of certain books.

Maybe you read them over and over again with one hand. Maybe those pages grew wrinkled. Over 90 minutes, 5 readers will read - sight unseen - hilarious and titillating sexcerpts from famous literary works. Maybe one of the sexcerpts will be the first naughty bit YOU ever encountered.

We are very proud to be part of Montreal's Blue Metropolis Literary Festival this year! And our readers will be plucked from their stellar lineup of internationaly-acclaimed authors!

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Hotel 10 - in the Salle Godin
(Hotel 10 is located at the corner of Sherbrooke & St-Laurent Blvd)
9:30 to 11 PM



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