Saturday, November 18, 2017

♥ QUIRKY EVENTS for DECEMBER! - Slowdances, Strip Spelling Bees! ♥

Hello Lovelies!

So this is the time of year that I like to get out my Vitamin D. And no, D doesn't stand for anything except vitamin D. (Sorry, pervs.) I also have a therapy lamp that my friend Amy gave me years ago. But the truth is, I kind of like winter. I find it bracing and invigorating. I am astonished that the world can get that cold, and during a blizzard sometimes I will step outside, wide-eyed and just marvel at all the drifts blocking doors and engulfing cars. And of course, I love going from the frigid outside into my cozy inside.

But I have to constantly fight against the impulse just to stay inside all the time. Which is why I'm often surprised to see all of you at my events. I don't know if any of you have ever watched Wall-E, but I kind of think that the endgame for all humans is how the humans are on that giant ark. Where we all have these self-enclosed mobility hovercrafts, and everything we really need is on the screen in front of us. I'm not saying that it's very healthy, but it's very human.

So this is me, thanking you in advance for actually leaving your houses and coming out to my weird events.

I have several this month. I am launching my new book, You Are Alice in Wonderland's Mum! in both Montreal and Toronto.  Or you could just order it direct from my publisher here!

I also have a Winter Formal edition of Toronto Queer Slowdance. And I am reprising my annual Montreal Christmas Caroloke Event where you come and sing karaoke in a crowd and we actually record it all and cut an album. Every year it gets more hilarious and raucous.

And of course I have my list of Other Quirky Events that you might like, further down in this email blast that are also filled with amazing things.

So I'm raising a glass to you, brave people who leave houses. You make it so much easier for me to leave mine and to meet you all.

Here's to a more hopeful, more thoughtful, and less fraught 2018.


♥♥♥  EVENTS FOR DEC 2017!  ♥♥♥



TORONTO LAUNCH of You Are Alice in Wonderland's Mum!

Please come celebrate the launch of my new Choose Your Own Adventure style book from the POV of Alice in Wonderland's Mum!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Page & Panel
789 Yonge St (and Bloor)
Inside the Toronto Reference Library
6-8 PM


MONTREAL LAUNCH of You Are Alice in Wonderland's Mum!

Please come celebrate the launch of my new Choose Your Own Adventure style book from the POV of Alice in Wonderland's Mum!

Thursday, November 23, 2017
Le Petit Monastiraki
5478 St Laurent Blvd (coin St-Viateur)
5-9 PM


❤❤❤ You are cordially invited to Toronto's QUEER SLOWDANCE! - WINTER FORMAL Edition! ❤❤❤

With a lending library of designated dancers for all you wallflowers, and a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance (should you choose to), Toronto Queer Slowdance has all slow songs, all night long! (Except for the occasional intermission when we play the fastest songs we can find!)

It's high school with a happy ending. Come and experience why slow is beautiful, and why love is not ironic.

PS. Fabulous and inspired attire, while desired, is not required. But it would be AWESOME and HAWT. As this is our Winter Formal edition, you are encouraged to dress to impress in something festive and formal, whatever that mean
s to you!

Finally, you do not have to be queer to attend this party, but you must have an open mind, an open heart, and have open arms. Do keep in mind that many of our attendees fall within the LGBTTQIA continuum and may or may not be interested in dancing with the 'opposite' sex, so if you are stridently straight, this may not be the most receptive community for you.


Dovercourt house
805 Dovercourt Rd. (1 block North of Bloor, 3 blks. west of Ossington)
Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
Doors at 9:30, Dance promptly from 10 PM - 3 AM.
$10 admission includes your Dancecard-booklet!

Regretfully, the Dovercourt House is not wheelchair-accessible.


So, as some of you know, every year I like to record a drunken karaoke album of myself singing Christmas carols. Then I burn a CD, come up with a silly cover, and then hand them out to friends and family as gifts because it is a riot and a hoot.

Then a couple years back, I got tired of singing by myself, and decided to create an event where we could all sing together! And you came out! And we recorded a whole album in one night and I sent everyone a link to download the enormous album we sang into being.


On the night of December 12th, come sing it loud, proud, and in a crowd as we cut an album for 2017.

For those of you who are coming for the first time, it will be a cro
wd karaoke sort of situation where we play the music and project the lyrics and everyone sings drunkenly together. The whole thing will be recorded, and I will take the audio home and cut tracks and make up some cover art and then everyone will get a download link they can distribute to family and friends. We can cut a Christmas album in three hours of drunk, raucous singing!

And if you're curious what the whole thing sounds like, here is just one of the tracks we recorded a year ago:


Mainline Theatre
3997 Blvd. St-Laurent
(Just south of Duluth on the East side of the street)

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
Doors at 8, Warmup songs at 8:30, and recording begins at 9 PM. We go till around midnight.

$10 admission.
(If you would like an actual CD mailed to you with the final album on it, sign up with the organizer at the event with your address. It'll cost you another $10 for burning, packaging and mailing, though. And no guarantee it'll get to you before Xmas!)

Regretfully, the Mainline Theatre is not wheelchair-accessible. There is a single step through a glass door into the stairwell, and then there are 12 steps from there up to the theatre floor. There are 3 single-stall gender-neutral bathrooms on the premises, but none accomodate wheelchair-users.

18+ (as alcohol will be available for purchase)



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