Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Events!

Dearly beloved,

September is AWESOME!
I love September because it means autumn, which is my favourite time of the year.
So in honour of it, I always do a bunch of events. So here they are! I hope to see you at one, or all of them.

STRIP SPELLING BEE in MONTREAL on Friday, Sept. 30th:

SLOWDANCE NIGHT in MONTREAL on Saturday, Oct. 1st:

And Finally, while not in November, I am so excited for this I made the event page well in advance. So, alongside creating weird events, I like to write weird books. This past year I'd created a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style book from the point of view of a housecat called "You Are a Cat!", and it's going to launch in Toronto on November 5th:
The Montreal launch has yet to be decided, but I will certainly announce it here.

Finally, you should all "LIKE" this page, to keep apprised of future quirky events!
Thanks for listening.

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